Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou)


Southeast University and Monash University are both leading research universities in China and Australia. Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou) was licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2012. Drawing on strengths from both universities and following world first-class research university standard of graduates cultivation system, it aims to cultivate international and innovative postgraduate talents that meet the economic and social development needs of the times.

The Joint Graduate School (JGS) is complemented by the Joint Research Institute (JRI) to conduct multi-disciplinary research projects in areas of strategic importance to industry in Australia and China, including future cities, energy and environment, advanced materials and manufacturing, advanced computation in science and engineering, and life (medical/bio) science.

Currently, JGS offers Masters Programs and PhD Programs in fields of translation, industrial design, international business, energy environment, information engineering, civil engineering, etc., with a group of high-quality teaching and research teams. The 100,000-square-metre building that houses the JGS has cutting-edge facilities of research centers, key laboratories, technology enterprise incubation bases, scientific research results technology transfer centers, and teaching places to support education and future research activities, which effectively guarantees international cooperation, high-end talent training and first-class scientific research.